The Battle of the Lip Glosses! 

Top swatch: E.L.F - Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 in Strawberry, $1.75

Middle: E.L.F - Hypershine Gloss in Fairy, $1.75

Bottom: Wet n Wild - Megaslicks in 568, $0.64 cents

For myself when it comes to lip gloss, whether a gloss is sticky, seems to be my number one factor in choosing my favorites. Then it is how long it lasted, then color pay off, then the packaging.

My favorite from the three of these is the E.L.F Super Glossy Lip Shine. After you apply it, it warms to your lips and feel very smooth. I don’t think lip glosses were really meant for long wear to begin with, but this lasted for a few hours before I felt I needed to reapply. The applicator is also very easy to clean. For color, as you can see it is very opaque but it has pretty flecks of glitter in it which I liked because it makes your lips look extra shiny. I plan on wearing this over some lipstick for some layering. 

The worst was the E.L.F Hypershine. I found this to be really sticky and uncomfortable. It made me smack my lips a lot in hopes of smoothing the gloss a bit but it just got stickier and therefore came off quicker. I’m also not sure I like the applicator which is a brush that you push the gloss up into. You would have to clean this a lot to keep it hygienic. I won’t be buying this again and I don’t think I’ll wear it much, if at all. 

My middle pick is the Megaslicks. It’s a little on the stickier side, I’d say somewhere in between the E.L.F. glosses. It does have the best color pay off though, I have to say that is a plus! When I tried to wipe it off my hand it did stain, so that says it’s not going anywhere. I’ll probably wear this from time to time. The applicator is a wand though, so this makes it harder to keep clean. 

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect lip gloss though. So I’ll do a part two to this one day!

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